An Introduction to Levels of Packaging

Levels of Packaging:

Packaging is a core part of the success of many products. In order to design the right type of packaging, it is important to identify suitable materials and finishes that align with the function that the particular packaging project is trying to accomplish. The first step in identifying ideal materials and finishes is to decide on the level of packaging that you are trying to design. The three levels of packaging that are commonly used are:

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Primary Packaging:

  • Primary Packaging Is The Most Basic Form Of Packaging And Is In Contact With The Products
  • The Primary Purpose Of This Type Of Packaging Is To Both Protect The Products And To Display Different Branding Or Product Messaging
  • This Type Of Packaging Is Also Often Referred To As Retail Packaging
  • Most Of The Products We See On Store Shelves Are Typically Displayed In Primary Packaging
  • As Primary Packaging Is The Most Visible Form Of Packaging, Materials, And Finishes Used In Primary Packaging Are Often High-End And More Expensive

primary packaging
primary packaging
primary packaging

Secondary Packaging:

  • This Type Of Packaging Is Used To Secure Multiple Product Units In Their Individual Primary Packaging
  • The Most Common Example Of Secondary Packaging Is The Corrugated Boxes That Are Used To Ship Smaller Shipments
  • This Type Of Packaging Is Also Often Referred To As Retail Packaging
  • Secondary Packaging Can Also Be Customized To Make Products Identifiable In Warehouse And Storage Settings
  • Secondary Packaging Typically Consists Of Multiple Components Including Boxes, Padding, Separators, And Reinforcements

primary packaging

Tertiary Packaging:

  • This Type Of Packaging Is Typically Used To Group And Transport Large Numbers Of Secondary Packaging Units
  • Due To Its Large Size, Consumers Typically Do Not See Tertiary Packaging
  • This Type Of Packaging Typically Consists Of Shrink-Wrapped Pallets Or Skids
  • These Pallets Or Skids Can Be Easily Moved From One Place To Another By Using Forklifts

primary packaging
primary packaging

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