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Order Faq


What steps are involved in the process of getting my print orders?

The process of getting your custom print orders consists of the following stages:

  1. Project & Design Consultation
  2. Quote Preparation & Approval
  3. Artwork Creation & Evaluation
  4. Sampling (upon request)
  5. Production
  6. Shipping

A dedicated account manager will help guide you through the various steps.  Our sales support team can provide additional information or answer any questions that you may have.

How do I get a price quote for my project?

You can get a personalized price quote by:

  • Visiting our Request a Quote page or submitting a quote request on any the product pages
  • Utilize our online Chat feature to contact the sales team
  • Call Us
  • Email your project details to

For most requests, a price quote is typically emailed within 2-4 working hours.  Complex projects may take 24-48 hours to quote.  Your account manager will keep you updated during the quoting process.

Does Printingblue charge a setup or design fees?

No. We do not charge a setup or plate fees regardless of the size of your order. You will be quoted one simple price for your project. Please note that higher quantity orders do result in lower per unit prices due to efficiencies gained in printing larger quantities in a single run.

How do I change or cancel an order once it has been placed?

We can make changes to your order prior to the start of the production process.  Depending upon the nature of your requested changes, the project may need to be re-estimated and you will receive an updated quote.

Please note that custom printed products are unique and cannot be repurposed for other customers.  Under certain circumstances, we may be able to cancel an order during the various production stages but cancellation charges will apply depending upon the amount and nature of the work that has already been completed.  Our customer service team will inform you of any cancellation charges.  Once an order has completed the production process and entered the shipping stage, it cannot be canceled.

Design Faq


How do I upload my artwork for my order?

You can simply email your artwork directly to your account manager. Your account manager will coordinate with our inhouse design team to conduct an artwork evaluation and suggest any technical changes that may improve the quality of the printed products.

What are the general guidelines for artwork creation and submission?

Please see below for general artwork submission guidelines:

File Formats:

  • Please submit your artwork in editable versions of AI, PDF, or EPS files.
  • Before saving your artwork, please make sure all fonts are curved and images are embedded.
  • If your artwork contains JPEG or PNG images, please ensure such images are higher resolution (minimum 300dpi).

Color Schemes:

  • Color format matters.  Always, create your artwork in CMYK or Pantone colors for an accurate representation of the final printed colors.
  • RGB color format is designed for on-screen viewing only and is not compatible with color standards used in the printing process.  Please avoid creating your artwork in RGB.


  • During font selection, always keep in mind the legibility of the desired fonts.
  • Cursive and intricate fonts look sharp on screen but do not always do so when printed.
  • We also recommend avoiding font sizes that are less than 5pt.

Dielines & Bleeds:

  • You can always request a custom template or dieline for any of the products that you are creating artworks for.
  • Typically, your artwork should extend a minimum of 1/8 inch (0.125’’) past the trim line.
  • We also recommend a safety margin of approximately 1/4 inch (0.25’’) on all sides to prevent text and other important design elements from being cut off.

For any additional artwork questions that you may have, please contact our sales support team.

Shipping Faq


Can I get samples before receiving the bulk order?

Yes, custom printed samples are available upon request. You can request hard copy samples of your own project for a low sampling fee. Alternatively, you can also request a sample of our past printed projects at no cost.

How long does it take to produce custom print orders?

Orders for hard copy samples can take 6-8 business days to produce depending on the complexity of the project.  Bulk orders typically complete production within 10-12 business days after the final artwork and order specifications have been approved.   Please note that these timelines are approximate and can vary depending on the complexity of your particular project and the work load on our production facilities.  Your account manager will discuss the production timelines with you during the ordering process.

We also offer expedite production plans to meet urgent project requirements.  If you have specific timelines that you need to meet, please make sure to discuss any such requirements with your account manager.

How long does it take for order delivery after the production process?

Once shipped, orders normally take approximately 3-4 business days for delivery. Your account manager will be in touch with regular updates on the status of your project during the production and shipping process.

Can I have my order split into smaller quantities shipped to multiple locations?

Yes, your order can be split and shipped to multiple locations. You can contact your account manager with additional addresses and quantities to be shipped to each location.

Can you ship print orders to international locations?

Yes, we can ship internationally. Please provide your account manager with specific requirements. Please note that additional shipping charges, customs duties, and taxes may be applicable to any international shipments.

User Faq


How do I change my email/password?

In order to change the email address associated with an account, please contact the customer service team. In order to change your password, please visit our password reset page.

Where can I get the information associated for my previous orders?

Account details and previous order history is available in your account profile.  Please sign in to your account and click on the order history link.

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