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A simple guide to good letterheads

A simple guide to good letterheads
Key Features Learn More
Key Features
  • Standard Size 8.5" x 11" and 8.5" x 14"
  • 24lb bright white stock / 60lb 0r 80lb paper stock
  • Die Cut option available
  • Full color CMYK /PMS (Pantone Matching System) Printing Process
  • Free custom Graphic Designing (Only included with Printing Orders)
  • Free Shipping and Handling
  • 100% quality and Customer Satisfaction is Guaranteed!
Letterhead Items:
8.5" x 11" Letterhead 8.5" x 14" Letterhead

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Letterhead printing always gives a stylish impression whenever you look at it. Letterheads appear to involve, and it does so efficiently at that too, as a symbol that the business has completed it. Letterhead indicates that the business is lawful and is performing with a category of its own, be relevant its status inside the business community.

Every communication and each word written on it show professionalism and holds influence. It is because letterheads put up with the company's name and logo that makes it all the more urgent, formal and official.

Letterheads, while obligatory of business stationeries, are always essential. Just imagine commands written without letterheads, they would probably be ignored. Yet, letterheads are not just for the top businesses. They are not for superiors of executives alone. Personnel with letterheads boosts your employees morale, seeing how they're own worth, their own roles, are preserved and recognized in print.

A significant amount of effort must be done while printing your letterheads, so that your clients and business partners may respond positively from the very start.

Letterheads designing can be separated into three stages i.e.:

  • Groundwork of all the essential information


  Collect all the necessary information that you want to add in the letterhead.

  • Bear in mind which are the main details which your letterheads cannot do exclusive of.

  • Be sure to highlight the most important details. Some of these may be the company name, address, website, phone numbers, email and the like.

    2. Picking the theme or color scheme.

    Letterheads are the image of brand names of companies. They can effortlessly be recognized by good quality of color and style.

  • It is recommended to choose a color that will be consistent with your logo.

  • Not all fonts are supposed to be written in the same style as your logo, particularly when such fonts are not readable.

3. Incorporate the company logo:

  Find somebody who can check over the big logo of your company and reduce it in appropriate to fit in the letterhead. Look at other models of the letterhead pages and find a layout that may now be right for the business.

4. Arrange the elements:

Now that you have all the components and have looked at as much samples as you needed. Compose all the components together with the company logo and name on the upper segment and the address and other details near the foundation page. This is just one method of doing it, for another time; there are dissimilar styles that you can pursue.

5. Review and Print

Before speeding up to print your design, again, evaluate your design for any mistakes. As you will be printing these in print, it would be sensible to study every point of view.

Cover all the bases like:

  • Colors

  • Image resolution

  • Layout

  • Spelling

Find an expert letterhead printing company which can realize your desired design unto the final print. One which has a range of printing services and options is likely to be ideal so that all that you may require of your letterhead printing, you won't have to source out wherever else.

Give your business the esteem and treatment it ought to have. Demonstrate good business sense, style, etiquette, all revolve into one through letterhead printing.

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