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Press Proof

Proof through press using the ink, plates and paper particular for the job. Also called trial proof and strike off.

Press Time

Amount of time that one printing job spends on press, including time required for makeready.

Price Break

Amount at which unit cost of printing or paper drops.

Printer Pairs

Generally in the book arena, successive pages as they become visible on a signature or flat.

Printer Spreads

Compared to reader spreads, Mechanical ready so they are forced for printing.


Any procedure that transports to paper an image from a new such as a film positive or negative, stencil, electronic memory, plate or die.

Printing Plate

Surface transport a figure to be printed. Rapid printing uses plastic plates or paper.

Printing Unit

A grouping of rollers, fountain and cylinders that will print one ink color.

Process Camera

Camera that is being utilized to photograph mechanicals and other camera-ready copy.

Process Color (Inks)

The colors employ for four-color (yellow, magenta, cyan and black) process printing.

Production Run

Press run planned to make products as specified, contrast to makeready.


Examination sheet made to disclose faults or defects, forecast results on press and record how a printing job is planned to come into view when finished.

Proofreader Marks

Standard abbreviations and symbols used to score document and proofs. Also called correction marks.

Proportion Scale

Round tool used to analyze percent that an original illustration must by enlarged or reduced to give way a specific imitation size. Also called proportion dial, percentage wheel, scaling wheel and proportion wheel.

Publishing Paper

Paper made in surfaces, colors and weights suitable to magazines, books, free-standing inserts and catalogs.



Subjective term concerning to hope by the printer, customer and other experts related to a printing job and whether the job meets individuals expectations.


Sheet folded up two times, creating pages quarter the size of the original sheet. A quarto creates an 8-page signature.

Quick Printing

Printing by means of little sheetfed presses by cut sizes of bond and offset paper.


Price presented by a printer to manufacture a specific job.


Rag Paper

Stationery or other types of stock containing a tough percentage content of "cotton rags."

Rainbow Fountain

Technique of placing ink colors subsequently to each other in the similar ink fountain and fluctuating the ink rollers to make the colors unite where they stroke, creating a rainbow effect.

Raster Image Processor

Machine that interprets page description commands into bitmapped information for an output device such as a imagesetter or laser printer.

Reader Spread

Mechanicals create in double page spreads as readers would see the pages, as compared to printer spread.


500 sheets of paper.

Recycled Paper

New paper made completely or in part from old paper.

Reflective Copy

Products like pictures, fabrics and photographic prints, seen when light mirror from them, judge against to transparent copy.


To set printing appropriately relating to the boundaries of paper and other printing on the same sheet.

Register Marks

Cross-hair lines on film and mechanicals that assist keep printing, flats, and plates in register. Also called position marks and crossmarks.

Relief Printing

Printing technique whose image carriers are surfaces with two planes having non-inked areas lower than inked areas. Relief printing contains letter press, flexography and block printing.


Capability of an apparatus like an imagesetter, to produce plates or film that submits images in register.


Universal term for diazo, xerography and other techniques of copying used by engineers, designers, architects or for common use.


Sharpness of an image on paper, tape, disc, computer screen, film or other means.

Resolution Target

An image that permits assessment of resolution on proofs, film or plates e.g. The GATF Star Target


Type, graphic or illustration reproduced by printing ink around its outline, thus allowing the underlying color or paper to show through and form the image. The image 'reverses out' of the ink color. Also called knockout and liftout.


Short form representation of red, green, blue, the stabilizer color primaries.

Right Reading

Copy that reads properly in the foreign language in which it is written. Also explains a photo whose orientation looks like the unique scene.

Rotary Press

Printing press which pass by the substrate among two revolving cylinders when creating an impression.

Round Back Bind

As compared to flat back bind, to casebind with a curved (convex) spine.

Ruby Window

Cover on a mechanical that makes a window on film shot from the mechanical. It is made with rubylith


Line used as a graphic constituent to organize or separate copy.


Drawing or Map given by a printer to a stripper, showing how a printing job has to be forced by means of a precise sheet size and press. Also called ruleout, printer's layout and press layout.

Saddle Stitch

To affix sheets jointly where they fold over at the spine, as judge against side stitch. Also called stitch bind saddle wire and pamphlet stitch.

Satin Finish

Alternating term for tedious finish on coated paper.


To make out the percent by which art or photographs should be reduced or enlarged, to achieve the right size for printing.


Electronic equipment used to scan an image.


To squeeze paper along a straight line so it folds up more accurately and easily.

Screen Angles

Angles at which screens cross with the flat line of the press sheet. The general screen angles for separations are cyan 105 degree, yellow 90 degree, magenta 75 degree and black 45 degree.

Screen Density

Mention the percentage of ink coverage that a screen tint permits to print. Labeled as screen percentage as well.

Screen Printing

Method of printing by means of a squeegee to compel ink through an assembly of a stencil and net fabric.

Screen Ruling

Number of lines or rows of dots per centimeter or inch in a screen for creating a screen halftone or tint. Also called screen frequency, line count, screen value ruling, and screen size.

Screen Tint

Color created by dots instead of solid ink coverage. Also called Benday, fill pattern, screen tone, shading, tint and tone.

Selective Binding

Placing inserts or signatures in catalogs or magazines according to geographic or demographic guidelines.

Self Cover

A publication not having a cover stock, usually in the book arena,. A publication that only uses text stock all through.

Self Mailer

A printed item self-regulating of an envelope. A printed item able to travel in the mailing arena separately.

Separated Art

Art with constituents that print in the base color on one surface and elements that print in further colors on other surfaces.


Generally in the four-color process arena, separate film containing one precise color per piece of film. Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and Black.

Serigraphic Printing

Printing technique whose image movers are woven plastic, fabric or metal that permit ink to go through some segments and block ink from passing through other segments. Serigraphic printing includes mimeograph and screen.

Service Bureau

Company utilizing imagesetters to create high resolution printouts of files prepared on microcomputers. Also called prep service and output house.


Unwanted shift of wet ink from the top of one sheet to the bottom of another as they lie in the deliverance stack of a press. It is being called offset as well.


As compared to tint, shade made darker by the addition of black.


Darkest parts of a photograph or illustration, as compared to high-lights and midtones.

Sheetfed Press

Compared to a web press, press that prints sheets of paper.


Method of printing single side of a sheet with a single set of plates, subsequently the other side of the sheet with a set of dissimilar plates.


Payment ended during stripping or paste-up, to pay off for move stealthily. Creep is the trouble; shingling is the resolution.

Side stitch

To attach by stapling from side to side sheets along one edge, contrast to saddle stitch.


Printed sheet fold up no less than once, perhaps many times, to turn into fraction of a magazine, book, or other publication.


Compound assorted with fabric or paper to formulate it stiffer and less capable to soak up moisture.

Slip Sheets

Separate sheets (stock) free from the actual run placed among the "printed run" for a diversity of reasons.

Soft Dots

Halftones dots by means of halos.


Some area of the sheet getting 100 percent ink exposure, as compared to a screen tint.

Soy-based Inks

Inks utilizing vegetable oils rather than petroleum products as pigment vehicles therefore are easier on the surroundings.

Specially Printer

Printer whose supplies, equipment, marketing and work flow is targeted to a particular group of products.


Absolute and accurate written narration of features of a printing job.


Device used to calculate the index of refraction of color.

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