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Machine Glazed (MG)

Papers cling to a high-gloss finish only on one side.


One of the four standard colors.


All actions necessary to get ready a press or other machine to job for a specific printing or bindery job, as put side by side to production run.

Making Order

Arrangement for paper that a mill build to the customer's terms.

Male Die

Also called force card. Die that pertain force through embossing or debossing.

Manuscript (MS)

A writer's creative form of work put forward for publication.


Embossed gap around the border of the printed material.


Directions written generally on a "dummy."


Also called knock out. To stop light from reaching fraction of an image, therefore separating the remaining part.


Plastic or Paper plate scheduled a duplicating press.

Match Print

A type of a four-color-process proofing method.

Matte Finish

Smooth finish on photographic paper or covered printing paper.


Camera-ready assemblage of kind, graphic and further duplicate complete with directions to the printer.

Mechanical Bind

To bind using a ring binder, comb, coil, post or any other method not requiring stitching or gluing.

Mechanical Separation

Color breaks complete on the mechanical by means of a separate cover for each color to be printed.

Mechanical Tint

Patterns or Lines created with dots creating artwork for reproduction.

Metallic Ink

Ink holding crushed metal or pigments that simulate metal.

Metallic Paper

Paper covered with a slim film of pigment or plastic whose gloss and color simulate metal.


In an illustration or photograph, tones formed by dots between 30 percent and 70 percent of exposure, as compared to shadows and highlights.

Mil 1/1000 Inch

The broadness of plastic films as printing substrates are uttered in mils.


Happening of droplets of ink being thrown off the roller train.

Mock Up

Replication of the original printed stuff and probably containing information or direction.


A device that changes electronic stored information from point a. to point b. mostly used over phone lines.


Unwanted outline resulting when screen and halftones tints are made with indecently aligned screens, or when a prototype in a photo, such as a plaid, interface with a halftone dot pattern.


Paper dimensions (7' x 10') and envelope shape often used for private stationery.


Also called sinkage. Uneven, spotty ink incorporation. A spotted image may be called mealy.


A particular type of glue used for personal pads needing strength and books binding.

Multicolor Printing

Also called polychrome printing. Printing in further than one ink color.

M Weight

Mass of 1,000 sheets of paper in any precise size.


Natural Color

Extremely light brown color of paper. May also be called cream, antique, off-white, ivory or mellow white.


Also called inset. Signatures pull together inside one another in the proper string for binding, as compared to gathered.

Neutral Gray

Gray with no cast or hue.

News Print

Paper used in newspapers printing. Considered inferior and "a short life use."

Newton Ring

Fault in a halftone or photograph that looks like a drop of water or oil.


A phase where air is excluded from its contents at the sewing stage in the book binding process.

Nonheatset Web

Web press with no drying oven, hence unable to print on coated paper. Also called open web

or cold-set web.

Nonimpact Printing

Printing using ink jets, ions, lasers or heat to move images to paper.

Nonreproducing Blue

Also called drop-out blue, blue pencil, nonrepro blue and fade-out blue. Light blue that does not proof on graphic arts film, thus possibly used to preprint layout grids and mark directions on mechanicals.

Novelty Printing

Printing on products like balloons, coasters, golf balls, pencils and ashtrays, also known as premiums or advertising specialties.


Offset Printing

Printing method that shift ink from a plate to a blanket to paper as an alternative of directly from plate to paper.


(1) Trait of paper or other substrate that stops printing on one side from showing through the other side.

Onion Skin

A precise frivolous kind of paper generally used in the past for air mail. Rarely used today.


1. Also called block out and spot. To cover defects in negative with tape or opaquing paint.

2. Not transparent.

Open Prepress Interface

Software and Hardware that connect desktop publishing systems by means of color electronic prepress systems.

Outer form

Side of a press sheet holding images for the first and last pages of the folded signature as judge against to inner form.

Outline Halftone

Also called silhouette halftone and knockout halftone. Halftone in which background has been replaced or removed to separate or line the main image.


Cover of material taped to a proof, photo or mechanical. Acetate covers are used to divide colors by having several kinds or art on them in place of on the mounting board.

Overlay Proof

Also called layered proof and celluloid proof. Color confirmation consisting of polyester sheets put on top of each other with their figure in record, as compared to essential proof. Each sheet correspond to the image to be printed in one color.


Also called surprint. To print individual image over an earlier printed image, such as printing type over a screen tint.

Over Run

Extra printed matter away from order. Extra policy differs in the printing industry.



One side of a leaf in a book.

Page Count

Sum pages that a publication has. Also called extent.

Page Proof

Evidence of graphics and type since they will appear on the finished page complete with elements such as rules, headings and folios.


The numbering of pages in the book arena,

Painted Sheet

As compared to spot color, sheet printed with ink edge to edge. The painted sheet refers to the final manufactured goods and means that cent percent coverage results from bleeds off all four sides.


One page of a brochure, for example one panel of a rack brochure. One panel is on one side of the paper. A letter-folded sheet has six panels, not three.

Pickup Art

Artwork, used in a earlier job, to be included in a present job.


Tiny hole (not needed) in printed areas because of a diversity of causes.

Pin Register

Procedure of recording partition, printing plates and flats by using tiny holes, all of the same diameter, at the ends of both plates and flats.


Short for image constituent, a dot completed by a scanner, computer or other digital machine.

Planographic Printing

Printing technique whose representation transporter is level exterior with inked areas separated from noninked areas by chemical way. Planographic printing comprises spirit duplicating, lithography and offset lithography.


Part of metal, paper, rubber or plastic transporting an image to be replicating by means of a printing press.


In speedy printing, a procedure camera that create plates mechanically from mechanicals.

Plate-ready Film

Exposed positives or negatives fully ready for platemaking.

Pleasing Color

Color that the client believe reasonable although it may not exactly equivalent to original scenes, objects or model.


Outdated reference to Pantone Matching System. The right brand name of the colors in the Pantone Matching System is Pantone colors not PMS Colors.


Short form for photomechanical transfer.


1. On the subject of paper, a unit of thickness equal to1/1000 inch.

2. On the subject of type, a unit of calculate equaling 1/12 pica and .013875 inch (.351mm).


An art design in which the tallness is greater than the breadth. (Reverse of Landscape.)

Position Stat

Copy or PMT of an image complete to size and attach to a mechanical.

Positive Film

Film that put a stop to light by way of images, contrast to negative film that permit light to cross.

Post Bind

To attach using a post and screw put in through a hole in a pile of free sheets.


Color separations, platemaking, Camera work, stripping, and other prepress purpose carry out by the separator, printer or a service bureau before printing.

Prepress Proof

Any color proof completed using toner, ink jet, overlays or dyes contrast to a press proof printed using ink.


To print piece of sheets that will be used for afterward print.

Press Check

Occasion at which makeready sheets from the press are inspected before approving full making to start.

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