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Job Lot Paper

Paper that has been discontinued due to under specifications when produced or for other reasons is no longer considered first quality.

Job Number

A figure allocated to a specific printing project in a printing company for use in tracking and past record keeping.

Job Ticket

Form used by service department, separators and printers to specify production schedule of a job and the materials it needs.


A vibration device with a spill platform to offset stacks of printed materials.



Short form for black in four-color process printing.


To relate movable pieces of copy to their positions on a layout or mechanical using a system of numbers or letters.

Key Negative or Plate

Negative or plate that prints the most detail, thus whose image guides the register of images from other plates. Also called key printer.

Kiss Die Cut

To die cut the top layer of self-adhesive paper.

Kiss Impression

Lightest achievable impression that will move ink to a Substrate.

Kraft Paper

Powerful paper used for packaging and to create grocery bags and large envelopes.



A thin transparent plastic coating applied to usually a thick stock. It provide protection against liquid and heavy use.


Artiste style in which width is greater than height. (Portrait is opposite.)

Lap Register

Register where ink colors go beyond slightly.

Laser Bond

Bond paper prepared particularly flat and dry to run well through laser printers.

Laser-imprintable Ink

Ink that will not lighten or blister as the paper on which it is printed is used in a laser printer.

Lay Flat Bind

Method of perfect binding that allows a publication to lie fully open. (Also known as Lay Flat Perfect Binding.)

Lay Edge

The edge of a sheet of paper feeding into a press.


A sample of the original providing position of direction and instructions of printed work which are needed and desired.


Total gap between lines of type.


Individual sheet of paper in a publication. Each side of a leaf is one page.

Ledger Paper

Powerful and smooth bond paper used for keeping record of business.

Letter fold

Two fold up creating three panels that allow a sheet of letterhead to fit a business packet.

Letter Paper

A standard of paper size in North America i.e. 8 1/2' x 11'. In Europe, A4 sheets.


Instructions about a particular matter. An explanation of symbols used in maps and tables.


Process of printing from raise surfaces, either metal type or plates whose surfaces have been etched away from image areas. Also called block printing.

Lightweight Paper

Book paper with basic weight less than 40.


Material in trees that grasp cellulose fiber together.

Line Copy

Compared to continuous-tone copy, a contrast image.

Line Negative

A negative which is made from line copy.

Linen Finish

Stamp on a text paper that simulates the pattern of linen cloth.


Process of printing by means of plates whose image areas magnetize ink and whose nonimage areas repel ink.

Live Area

Vicinity on a mechanical inside which images will print.

Logo (Logotype)

An eye-catching combination of letters and art work to create an entity symbol of a company.


Method of binding which allow insertion and removal of pages in a publication.

Loose Proof

Halftone proof that is not bring together with other elements from a page as compared to composite proof.


Lens built into a little stand which is sed to inspect copy, plates, film, proofs, and printing.

Low Key Photo

Most important details of photo appear in the shadows.

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