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Comprehensive Dummy

Replication of a printed piece complete with graphics and colors.


Before printing, stay of paper in the pressroom for a required period of time, so that its moisture level and temperature equal that in the pressroom.

Contact Platemaker

A device with lights, timing mechanism and vacuum frame used to make duplicate film, contact prints, plates and proofs.

Continuous-tone Copy

Photographs having a range of shades not made up of dots as compared to halftones.


The level of tones in an image range from brightest to lightest.


Business that formulate products such as envelopes, boxes and bags.


Frame on a process camera that holds print in position to be photographed.


Thick protection paper of a publication also advertises title.


Degree to which ink cover the surface of a substrate. Ink coverage is generally expressed as fade, medium or intense.

Cover Paper

Sort of thick paper used for products like menus, posters and folders.


Cloth embedded in the glue along the spinal column of a book to increase the strength of binding.


Method of center pages of a folded mark extending a little beyond external pages.

Crop Marks

Outline surrounding the image demonstrating segments to be reproduced.

Synonyms: cut marks, tic marks


Art that continues from one page of a book across the channel to the opposite page.

Synonyms: bridge, gutter bleed, gutter jump


Coatings of dry inks, varnishes or other material after printing to ensure good sticking and to avoid start out.

Customer Service Representative

An employee of business like printing, services, separator or other who organize projects and keeps customers informed.


Boundary of the impression cylinder of a web press or the length of the sheet to which press cuts from the roll of paper.

Cut Sizes

The sizes of paper that used with small presses and office machines.

Cutting Machine

A machine that cuts loads of paper to the required size. It can also be used in scoring or folding.

Cutting Die

Generally a custom ordered item to neat specific and printing projects having curious size.


Abbreviation for hundredweight using the Roman numeral C=100.


One of the four process colors.


Data Compression

Method of minimizing the amount of storage required to hold a file. It results in obtaining extra storge in disk and quicker file opening.


Pressing of an image inside paper so it lies below the surface.

Deckle Edge

Boundary of paper left torn as it comes from the papermaking machine instead of being cleanly cut.

Synonym: feather edge


The thickness level of a layer of printed ink.

Density Range

Variation between the darkest and lightest areas of copy.

Synonyms: contrast ratio, copy range, tonal range.

Desktop Publishing

Technique of using a personal computer to design images and pages, and assemble type and graphics, then using a laser printer or imagesetter to output the assembled pages onto paper, film or printing plate. Abbreviated DTP.


Tool for cutting, scoring, embossing, debossing and stamping.

Die Cut

A die used to cut irregular shapes in paper or paperboard.

Digital Proofing

Page proofs produced through electronic memory transferred onto paper via laser or ink-jet.

Diffusion Transfer

Chemical process of replicate line copy and making halftone positives ready for paste-up.

Digital Dot

Homogeneous dots created by a computer and printed out by a laser printer.

Direct Digital Color Proof

Color proof made by a computer controlled printer without requiring making separation films first.

Dog Ear

A letter fold at the side of one of the fold, a notch occurs.

Dot Gain

Relative size of halftone dots as compared to dots of the screen ruling being used. There is no unit of measurement to express dot size. Dots are too large, too small or correct only in comparison to what the viewer finds attractive.


Resolution measurement of input/output computer devices e.g. monitors, scanners and printers.

Double Black Duotone

Duotone printed from two halftones, one shot for highlights and the other shot for midtones and shadows.

Double Bump

Double printing of a single image so it has two layers of ink

Double Burn

To expose film two times to different negatives and as a result create a compound image.

Double Density

Electronic recording method using a modified frequency to allow more storage of data.

Double Dot Halftone

Halftone double burned onto one plate from two halftones, one shot for shadows, the second shot for midtones and highlights.


Appearance of blur or shadow in the image due to printing de fect.


Its dots per square inch, a measure of output resolution in relationship to printers, imagesetters and monitors.


Ink sample specified for a job

Synonyms: pulldown


To drill a hole in a printed matter.


Halftone dots or fine lines eliminated from highlights by overexposure during camera work.

Dropout Halftone

Halftone in which contrast has been increased by eliminating dots from highlights.

Dry Back

To make happen printed ink colors becoming less dense as the ink dries.

Dry Offset

Using metal plates in the printing process exclusive of using water.

Dry Trap

Print by dry ink as compared to wet trap.

Dual-purpose Bond Paper

Bond paper suitable for printing by either lithography or xerography.

Dull Finish

Flat (not glossy) finish on coated paper; slightly smoother than matte. Also called suede finish, velour finish and velvet finish.


Testing of the final product.

Synonyms: mockup


Lithographic press made for quick printing.


Trademark for photographic paper used to make blue line proofs.


Electronic Front End (Electronic Composition)

Term refer to a computer based prepress system.

Electronic Image Assembly

Assemblage of a multiple image from segments of other images through computer.

Electronic Mechanical

Mechanical completely in electronic files.


To push an image into paper so it lies above the surface.

Synonyms: cameo, tool


Cast of light-sensitive chemicals on papers, films, printing plates and stencils.

Encapsulated PostScript file

Computer files in cooperation with images and PostScript commands.

English Finish

A light smooth finishing on uncoated book paper.


Printing method using a plate, also called a die, with an image cut into its surface.


EP is abbreviation of envelope.


Abbreviation of Encapsulated Post Script. It is a file format generally used to transfer post script information from one program to another.

Equivalent Paper

Non-branded papers which look, print, and may cost the same as branded.

Synonym: comparable stock.


The probable price of an upcoming project or job.

Synonym: bid, quotation and tender .


A person creating the estimate of a specific project or job.


Use of chemicals to shape an image into metal, glass or film.



Border of a bound publication opposite to the backbone.

Synonym: foredge.

Fast Color Inks

Inks with colors that keep their solidity and stand firm aganist fading as the product is used and washed.

Feeding Unit

Part of a printing press to move paper in the register unit.

Felt Finish

A Pattern of soft woven in text paper.

Felt Side

Surface of the paper that was not in contact with the Fourdrinier wire during papermaking, as compared to wire side.

Fifth Color

Ink color used in addition to the four needed by four-color process.

Film Gauge

It is thickness of film. The most common gauge for graphic arts film is 0.004 inch (0.1 mm).

Film Laminate

Thin sheet of plastic tied to a printed product for protection or increased gloss.

Fine Papers

Special Papers made for writing or commercial printing, as compared to coarse papers and industrial papers

Synonyms: Cultural papers, Graphic papers.

Fine Screen

Screen having ruling of at least 150 lines/inch (80 lines/cm) or more.


Characteristics of surface of paper. It is a universal term for folding, trimming, binding and all other post press operations.

Finished Size

Mass of product compared to flat size after production is completed.

Synonym: Trimmed size.


The ability of film to be rolled during assembly and stripping.

Fixed Costs

Costs that remain constant in spite of of how many pieces are printed. E.g. Copyrighting, photography and design are fixed costs.

Flat Color

Color created by printing single ink, as compared to a color created by printing four-color process.

Synonyms: Block color, Spot color

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