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Specular Highlight

Highlight region with no printable dots and detail, contrast to a diffuse highlight. Also called dropout highlight and catchlight.


Binding edge or back of a publication

Spiral Bind

To bind using a twisting of unbroken plastic or wire looped through holes.

Split Fountain

Method of placing ink colors beside each other in the same ink spray and printing them off the similar plate.

Split Run

Dissimilar images printed in different versions of a publication for instance advertisements.


Paper that must be thrown away instead of delivered printed to the customer due to accidents or mistakes.

Spot Color or Varnish

One varnish or ink applied to segments of a sheet.


Method of increasing the size of an image to achieve a hairline trap with one more image.


Short form of photostat, therefore a general term for a reasonably priced photographic print of line copy or halftone.

Statistical Process Control

Technique used by printers to guarantee the delivery times and quality specified by customers.

Step and Repeat

Prepress method of revealing an image in an accurate, multiple pattern to make a plate.

Stocking Paper

Popular weights, sizes and colors of papers obtainable for prompt delivery from a merchant's warehouse.

Stock Order

Order for paper that a merchant or mill sends to a printer from record at a storehouse.

String Score

Score formed by pressing a thread against paper.


To gather images on platemaking for film. Stripping includes accumulate pieces of film into flats, correcting defects in film, and ensuring that flats and film register correctly. Also called image assembly and film assembly.

Substance Weight

Usually referring to bond papers, alternating term for basis weight. Also known as sub weight.

Stumping (Blocking)

Foil or other means in creating an image on a case bound book. Hot die in the book arena.


Any material or surface on which printing is done.

Subtractive Color

Color created by the light reflected from a surface.

Subtractive Primary Color

Magenta, Yellow and cyan. These are known as process colors in the graphic arts because they are the inks colors used in color-process printing along with black.

Supercalendered Paper

Paper calendared using alternating fiber rollers and chrome to create a thin, flat sheet.


Taking a previously printed matter and re-printingon the same.

Swash Book

A book in a wide range of forms, demonstrating precise stock in specific colors in a specific thickness.


Acronym for specifications for web offset publications .



One half of a broadsheet using a broadsheet as a measure.


Ranking of strong, dense paper used for products like badges and file folders.

Tagged Image File Format (TIFF)

File format of computer used to store images from video devices and scanners.

Target Ink Densities

Thickness of the four process inks as suggested for various printing grades and processes of paper.


About a printing project's fundamental details in regard to its size.

Text Paper

Title for printing papers by means of textured surfaces such as linen. or laid.


Method of printing by means of colorless resin powder that mount the color of underlying ink.


Preliminary ideas jotted on almost anything in regard to opening concept of a future project.


Adding or screening white to a solid color for outcome of lightening that precise color.

Tip In

Adding up an additional page further than the normal process.

Tone Compression

Decrease in the tonal variety to printed reproduction from original scene.

Total Area Coverage (TAC)

Total of the dot percentages of the procedure colors in the final film. Also called maximum density, density of tone, shadow saturation, total ink coverage and total dot density.

Touch Plate

Plate that prints or accents a color that four-color process printing cannot replicate acceptably or at all.

Trade Shop

Service bureau, not for the general public, bindery or printer working primarily for other graphic arts experts.


Positive photographic image on film permitting light to pass through.


To print a coating one or to print ink over another, for example varnish over an ink. The first liquid catches the second liquid.

Trim Size

The dimensions of the printed material in its final stage.


Uncoated Paper

Paper that has not been layered with clay. Also known as offset paper.

Undercolor Addition (UCA)

Method of making color separations that add the amount of magenta, cyan or yellow ink in shadow areas.

Undercolor Removal (UCR)

Method of creating color separations such that the quantity of magenta, cyan and yellow ink is decreased in shadow and midtone areas while the quantity of black is bigger.

Universal Copyright Convention

A system to defend exclusive work from replicating without knowledge from the inventor. One must register their work to qualify. Abbreviated UCC

Unsharp Masking

Procedure of regulating dot size to build a separation or halftone appears sharper than the first proof or the original photo. Also called peaking and edge enhancement.


Expression to point out manifold copies of a single image printed on a single sheet in one impression.

UV Coating

Liquid applied to a printed sheet, then cured and bonded with ultraviolet light.



The darkness or lightness of a color. Also called lightness, brightness, tone and shade.


Liquid applied as a outside layer for appearance and protection.

Vellum Finish

To some extent rough, toothy finish.


Trade name for high-contrast photographic paper.

Viewing Booth

Small room or area that is arrange for correct viewing of color separations, transparencies or press sheets.


Ornamental illustration or design fade to white.

Vignette Halftone

Halftone whose background smoothly and gradually fades away.

Virgin Paper

Paper made completely of pulp from cotton or trees when compared to recycled paper.

Volatile organic compounds (VOC)

Petroleum substances used as the medium for many printing inks.


Wash Up

To clean fountain solutions and ink from fountains, screens, rollers, and other press components.


Paper damage or unusable paper in normal make-ready, binding or printing operations, when compared to spoilage.


Semi-transparent logo in paper produced during manufacturing by minor embossing from a dandy roll while paper is still about 90 percent water.

Web Break

Divide of the paper as it moves through a web press, resulting operators to rethread the press.

Web Gain

Objectionable stretching of paper as it passes through the press.

Wet Trap

To print varnish or ink over wet ink, when compared to dry trap.


A die-cut hole illuminating an image on the sheet behind in a printed product.

With the Grain

Equivalent to the grain way of the paper being used, when compared to against the grain.

Woodfree Paper

Build with chemical pulp only. Paper usually classified as supercalendered or calendered.

Working Film

Middle films that will be copied to create final film after all improvements are made.


Paper made with no visible wire marks, generally a fine textured paper.

Wrong Reading

An image that is backwards at the time when compared to the original. Also called reverse and flopped reading.

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