Tips for Converting Website Visitors into Paying Customers

Being a part of the modern era of technological revolutions, businesses are facing great challenges in order to survive the ecommerce industry. There was a time when ecommerce was in its infancy, the online entrepreneurs were more than delighted when they only received visitors on their sites who just browed through, read articles and then navigated away without any benefit. Today, encouraging visitors on your website is the primary task which requires diligent pains whereas converting these website visitors into buyers is one heck of a task. In the era when customers have a plethora of options all across the World Wide Web, they are extremely hard to be convinced. In order to satisfy customers, the online establishments are putting in massive efforts. Here are some tips that will help you transform your visitors into profitable clients:

An Elegant and Hospitable Website

The first thing which will be noticed by your visitors is the design and overall appearance of your website. If your website is not designed artfully and creatively, it will not be able to engage the visitors and they will navigate away. Many online organizations today are concerned about the increasing bounce rate, however they do are not paying attention towards the design and theme of their website. You should get your website designed in a way that it induces visitors to browse more and take serious interest in your online organization.

Real-time Customer Support


Gone are the days when customers relied on phone calls and emails. In order to survive the heat of twenty first century, you need to make your business available round the clock to your prospective customers. This includes the integration of live chat on your website which will help in instantly grabbing the attention of visitors who land on your ecommerce website. The chat agents will initiate a chat just after a visitor spends a few seconds on the site. By judging the trend of customer through the pages he/she is browsing, the chat agent would have the idea of what he/she is looking for and can offer to-the-point help which can result in lead generation.

Quality Products & Competitive Pricing

You should never sell substandard products on your website. Many products appear wonderful on the websites however when the customers purchase them, they turn out to be second-rate. Therefore in order to make your business stand out, you should offer first-rate products at the prices which are highly competitive. Remember! The online customers are very sharp these days and they do not make a purchase unless until they check the prices offered by all your competitors. So you should make sure that your pricing is as competitive as it can be.

Empowered Sales Staff

Appointing sales staff does not provide you the guarantee of increase in revenue unless you have empowered them in all ways. Your sales staff is the key ingredient of your organization and is therefore as important as the customers. You should offer them attractive remuneration along with sales incentives and many other benefits to win their dedication and enthusiasm. A happy sales staff guarantees increased sales and prosperity of a business in the long run. Whether it’s your Tele-sales staff or chat operators, they should be highly courteous and helpful towards your customers. Even the silliest questions asked by customers should be responded in a highly professional and respectful manner.

Local Marketing (if feasible)

If your ecommerce website addresses a limited audience which is your locality, you should also adopt local marketing strategies such as print marketing. The flyers, brochures, stickers and leaflets of your website can be distributed across the targeted region to grab the attention of potential customers towards your website. For instance, you own an online shopping website that serves only your city or the town; you can distribute stickers or flyers across the targeted area. These days, almost everybody has their own smart phones with internet access, if your printed advertisement appeals them, they will certainly open it right away. You can read about the 5 potential advertising tools you can use to promote your local marketing.

Make it Mobile Friendly

Since people have their smart phones with them all the time, they would most probably open your website on them. For that, you should make sure that your site is 100% mobile friendly. You should also include the option to download chat application of your ecommerce site, this will greatly encourage the modern generation to stay in touch with your ecommerce site and help you in generating the desired leads. An efficient and responsive mobile version of your website should also be there for those who require opening it on their mobile browsers.

Although there can be many more reasons for the slow progress of your online business however the factors mentioned above are vital and cannot be ignored. Please don’t forget to share if you have any suggestions.

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