Things you should not Oversee While Designing your Hotel Brochures

Hospitality industry holds significant value across the globe. No matter which part of the world you reside in, there will always be the need of economical as well as luxury hotels. Whether you own a small or a big hotel and are thinking about ways to advertise your hotel across masses then print advertisement, as ever, is one of the best choices for you. Designing brochures or flyers for your hotels and distributing them across the town is a great idea, however choosing the right words, graphics and the printing company for your print advertisement, are the key tasks you need to consider. Here are some essential things you should never overlook, once you have planned designing brochures, booklets or flyers for your hospitality business:

Hotel’s Name, Logo & Tagline:
Where mentioning your hotel’s name at the top of the printed advertisement is vital, having a tagline printed is also crucial. An eye catching tagline grabs the attention of prospective guests and makes your hospitality business stand out. Besides, your hotel needs to have a unique logo. If you have not yet designed a logo for your hotel, you should ask a professional and experienced graphic designer to get you an artful logo that says it all.

Room & Amenities Offered:
You should make a list of all the amenities and types of rooms you are offering and make sure that you do not miss out any of these. By categorizing rooms and amenities, you should make every facility and service you are offering, visible on your hotel’s advertising material; whether it is a brochure, booklet or a flyer. The room types such as Studio Apartment, Deluxe Apartment, Twin Beds and Luxury Suite etc. must be mentioned with pictures. Besides, the amenities which include television, fridge, air conditioner, microwave oven etc. should also be visible on your hotel’s brochure.

Special Discount Offers
Every hotel offers special discount offers on account of holidays or off-season bookings. If you are also offering any such deals, you should mention them visibly on your hotel’s brochure. The special discount rates and offers are always successful in grabbing the attention of prospective clients.

Hotel Photos
Never forget to place photos of your hotel on the brochure. The external view of the building, corridor, lobby, reception area, swimming pool/gymnasium (if any), mini bar, waiting area, rooms and all other important places in your hotel should be placed on your advertising material for making it easier and convenient for your prospective customers to decide while they are planning to book an accommodation with you.

Contact Details:
Last but not the least; you can never forget to add contact details of your hotel at the end of brochure, flyer or the booklet. The contact details should include all the telephone numbers, email addresses of all concerned departments such as reservations, inquiries, management, guest relations, accounts etc., complete address of the hotel along with a nearby landmark for ease of customers and last but not lest; the website address of your hotel should also be mentioned visibly on the brochure.

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