Productive Utilizations of Custom Printed Bookmarks

Bookmarks have been one of the most helpful tools for readers over the years and had a greater value in the past however after the advent of digital technologies in the form of laptops, touch pads and notebooks have greatly reduced the book readers around the world. Despite the advent of e-books and electronic readers, there is still a high quantity of book lovers across the globe in the form of students as well as fiction/literature enthusiasts the most.
Many large and small scale companies have been making use of custom printed bookmarks as tools of excellent business promotions. The booksellers, publishers, stationery retailers and all other businesses related to literature and reading get personalized bookmarks printed with their business logo, a slogan and an inspirational quote to grab the interest of potential customers. Since readers are their targeted audience, they give away free bookmarks to them on business centers as well as book fairs & educational exhibitions. Here are some productive uses of custom printed bookmarks in the practical scenario:

Efficient Advertising


A bookmark can advertise for your business better than any high cost advertising tool. You can effectively promote your company by including images of your products and/or services on the bookmarks, your business’ contact information along with colorful designing, die-cutting and some eye catching or inspiring phrases.

Yearly Calendars


In order to make sure that your bookmarks stay useful for your prospective clients throughout the year, you can get yearly calendar printed on it, just like many intelligent professionals who get yearly calendar printed on their business cards for their clients to keep. The bookmarks with calendars will not only help book/magazine readers to mark important pages but will also help them in planning their activities for the year.

Keepsakes for New Moms


Customized bookmarks can also serve as remarkable keepsakes for the new parents. You can include the name, date of birth and weight of their newly born baby and give it as a gift to their parents for baby’s first book. They will definitely never like to throw it away!

Event Tickets



Bookmarks can be among the ideal tools for keeping in wallets as well as pockets. You can hire the services of an online printing company for the designing and printing of tickets for your business events and get them printed in the form of bookmarks. The traditional tickets will only promote your event whereas bookmark tickets will advertise for you in the months and possibly in the years ahead.

Souvenirs for Your Guests



If you are associated with the hospitality industry, whether a tourism company or a hotel, you can get bookmarks printed with landscape images and scenes of the attractions to deal in and hand them over to all your clients as well as prospects as means of excellent business advertisement.
Places where you can distribute bookmarks:



Apart from the above mentioned productive uses of custom printed bookmarks, you can distribute them at several places which include libraries, churches, chamber of commerce, educational institutions, book shops, stationery retailers and even at the super stores where all kinds of customers come on daily basis.

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