Guidelines for Creating Awesome Calendars

Calendars are not just the tools that help professionals in scheduling their tasks and plans but are also amongst the oldest and most popular means of marketing. They are products of common interest for professional as well as for the domestic activities. These great promotional items are highly adored by people and according to a survey, everybody loves receiving calendars with awesome images and designs. The calendars never go wasted and this is how your investment on this kind of advertisement really pays you.
The customized calendars have a great potential to market your brand and make your business known throughout the year. Right after receiving them, people hang calendars on their walls and let them be there by the end of the year. There can be nothing more beneficial and advantageous than this year round advertisement. Creating a calendar that really captures the attention of people, requires good designing, selection of high definition images and good printing stock. Here are some guidelines for creating awesome calendars:


Type of Stock:
Choosing the kind of stock before you can order printing of customized calendars is a key essential. Either you want to create paper calendars, card calendars or any other kind of calendars; you first need to consider the purpose for which you are getting them printed. An uncoated paper is good in the sense; your customers are going to write a lot on them since coated paper loses its ability to be written on. The glossy stock is good choice if you want calendars to be distributed for marketing and decorative purposes such as desktop calendars, wall calendars, business card calendars or any other kind of calendars printed solely for the purpose of business marketing.

Image Quality & Resolution
The images you choose to get printed on your calendars need to be of high resolution and top quality. Nowadays, companies prefer making use of HD images for creating a highly compelling and pleasing impression on their customers. The high resolution photographs of 300 to 1200 dpi are ideal for use on commercial calendars. Never make use of low resolution and low quality images in your calendars since this would completely take away the effectiveness of this marketing tool. Creative and unique real life photos are going to do the best job in success of your marketing calendars.

Don’t Highlight Your Products
Mentioning your products and/or services on the calendars is a must thing since your core objective is to promote your business and not to annoy the customers by doing forced marketing. The best idea is to include the small images of your products below each calendar however highlight only the large sized landscape or portrait orientation image. You can include images of people, culture, breathtaking landscapes and many more.

Include Your Business Logo
A company’s logo is one of its major branding tools therefore you need to keep your customers and prospects reminded of your business logo. The logo should be small in size however should be visible easily. You should include business logo on every page of the calendar so that your customers can remember your business 365 days a year and round the clock.

Choose a Reliable printing Partner
There is a great deal of online printing companies claiming to be the oldest and leading names however you should never trust them unless you really know about their history and services. The leading online printing companies such can offer you top class printing solutions for all types of personalized calendars.

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