Boost Up Your New Year Promotions with Custom Calendars

It’s the end of yet another year and is the time when you spot out New Year calendars everywhere especially at the booksellers and shopping malls. Although people have digital calendars on their mobile phones, computers, tablets, laptops and all other digital devices yet nothing can contest the usefulness of custom printed calendars. All kinds of organizations whether they are restaurants, departmental stores, hotels, insurance companies or any other kind of establishments are busy in getting their custom calendars designed and printed for giving out to their special clients. If you have not yet placed your printing order then do this at your earliest.

Types of Custom Calendars

The custom calendars can be ordered in different types depending on the purpose of usage. Some are used in homes while the others are used in professional environments. Here are the most popular types of calendars, each suitable for a different situation:

Custom Wall Calendars

Wall calendars are suitable for all kinds of indoor utilizations. They can be used at homes, offices, stores and all other kinds of indoor setups. Colorful paintings or photography of nature or just about anything can make your wall calendars the center of attention for everyone. Wall calendars can be printed on cover card stock or glossy paper stock as per your choice. All kinds of small and corporate organizations prefer wall calendars in their promotional campaigns.

Custom Desktop Calendars


Desktop Calendars are the ideal choice for giving away to professionals. They are preferred by B2B setups. The desktop calendars are best pick for those organizations which are on the lookout for a promotion that lasts across the year. The desktop calendars get sporadically exposed to desired people and consequently keep benefiting your organization so trying them out at this time of the year can be a preeminent idea.
Custom Poster Calendars


Poster calendars are ideal for utilization at professional large-scale organizations like the superstores, shopping malls, offices etc. They are usually placed on walls, windows etc and are printed out on glossy text stock or card stock according to your choice. The poster calendars can also be placed at outdoor public places. Nevertheless, they are the multipurpose promotional tools one can rely on, for extensive advertisement and marketing.
Custom Business Card Calendars


A business card is the first point of interaction between a prospective customer and a marketing professional. The more attractive your business card is, the more it is likely to impress your prospect. A recent research proves that most of the business cards end up unread in the bins, only because they are designed and printed conventionally. In order to make your business card stand out, you need to give your prospect a legitimate reason. Since a calendar is something of common interest to all, they can be a great reason for people to keep your business cards in their wallets for a whole year through.

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