5 Types of Custom Folders to Uphold Your Business

Living in the fast-paced era of digital marketing and communication means, it has become extremely difficult for the businesses to market their business locally. The traditional advertising tools such as stickers, flyers, magazines, postcards etc. have become nearly obsolete, especially for the companies which are more towards corporate development and ecommerce. In this competitive age, there is a great reliance of businesses on the presentation. In order to achieve this, the use of custom printed folders has become quite common among the businesses across the world. The custom printed advertising tools such as magazines, booklets, brochures etc are distribute among prospected customers in custom printed folders with business name and logo. In order to meet varying marketing requirements, many different types of custom folders are printed in the new era; however, some of them are mentioned here:

Pocket Folders
The pocket folders are an ideal choice for marketing. They are printed with special pockets which make is possible for the marketers to hold their advertising material such as brochures, flyers, booklets, catalogs, leaflets, etc. The Pocket folders can be ordered in small as well as regular A4 size or legal sizes, as per your requirements. The best thing about pocket folders is that, due to their pockets, it gets easier to hold and carrythe advertising material.
Presentation Folders
They are made for special business promotional presentations. At trade exhibitions or any other promotional events, the companies organize special presentations for their prospective clients and during the presentation; they distribute elegant looking custom printed folders along with presentation material and company’s catalog. These folders may include special features such as business card slit, pen pocket, notepad, calculator pocket, document pocket and much more.
Certificate Folders
In the modern age of commercialization, even the educational institutions need to publicize their services and create brand awareness among the students. The certificate folders are a special way of giving out diplomas, certificates and degrees to the successful candidates during convocations. These folders are printed with institution’s logo, name and mostly slogan, with address and contact information at the backside and are used for holding certificates. They not only keep the certificates safe forever but also keep promoting that institution in the long run.
Decorative Folders
The decorative folders come with special decorative features. They are an ideal choice for those who want to make their folders stand out. The decorative folders are best for marketing purposes. You get special options for decoration of these folders such as embossing, die-cutting, foil stamping, spot UV coating, glossy/matte lamination, textured stock printing and much more. If you want to create stunning looking folders, you can read the 3 simple steps to creating absolutely rocking folders. The decorative folders can be printed for office use as well as for marketing purposes as per your requirements.
Tri Panel Folders
They are the safest kind of folders since they are folder twice. The two folds of Tri-Panel folders make it possible for the documents to stay safe and eliminate the risk of documents to fall down. The Tri-Panel folders can be used for both official as well as promotional purposes. They are highly appreciated by students, since they can keep their assignments and research documents with complete protection while carrying them from one place to another.

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