3 Simple Secrets to Creating Absolutely Rocking Folders

Folders are found everywhere. Whether it is a home or office, the documents need to be kept safe and stain free and for that, the folders are a vital component. They help professionals in keeping the record of important official documents perfectly. They greatly help in categorizing the documents as per department type. You will hardly be able to find an office without custom printed folders. These smart document management tools have been in use since long and are definitely going to remain a vital part of every work place around the world.

There are many kinds of folders and each has its own benefits. The most common are the file folders which are also simply known as office folders. The types of customizable folders include business folders, presentation folders, pocket folders, Tri Panel folders, certificate folders, certificate folders and many more. In the modern day, the custom folders are not only the tools of document management but are also used in business advertisement and marketing. There are various ways in which you can create rocking folders.

Secret # 1 – Use the Perfect Stock

The first thing which is noticed in a folder is its stock. If you compromise on the stock quality of your folder, you will waste away all your investment. There is a huge variety of stocks available in the market which includes the cover card stock as well as textured card stock. You can choose the stock type depending on requirements. The plain cover card stock is ideal for official document management whereas textured stock is ideal for advertising and marketing purposes. The custom pocket folders are normally used in advertising tasks and look perfect in both, plain as well as textured stock.

Secret # 2 – Don’t Forget the Special Printing Effects

Wondering what the special printing effects actually are? There are many ways in which you can make your custom folders highly appealing and perfect for the audience. The embossing effect is the most common decorative printing effect. By making use of this decorative technique, you can provide a three dimensional effect to the text or image on the title. This is done with the help of a special die which raises the desired part of folder to a certain level. Besides, the spot UV coating is also one of the best techniques for decorating folders. Spot UV coating is done to highlight certain part of a design for added looks. Foil stamping is also one great feature which adds a touch of class to your folders. You can get the foiling done in golden, silver or any other color of your choice.

Secret # 3 – Add WOW Factor via Die Cutting

The die cutting feature can add a great deal to your folders. The die-cutting can be done in accordance with the design of your folder. This will let you add the real wow factor. You can choose to cut the edges, the top edge of the folder or any other part for a unique and enticing appearance. Your custom folder printing company should be highly professional and up to the mark so that die cutting is done perfectly without any flaw. If this task is not done by a professional, it may deteriorate the looks of your custom folder instead.

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