15 Awesomely Designed Cards to Send Out this Christmas

What are your plans for this Christmas? It is the time to celebrate and to spread love all around. Christmas is undoubtedly the year’s biggest celebration and has strong traditional as well as religious meaning. This great event creates a sense of love and sharing across the planet. On this providential event, everybody loves to be remembered by loved ones. Sending out greeting cards to those you care for is a great idea so here is a compilation of some creative designs for you to send out this Christmas.

Snowmen on Textured Card Stock

Source: www.flickr.com

A Christmas greeting printed on a textured card stock with snowmen and snowflakes gives you the real sensation of Christmas and the arrival of winter season.

Christmas Card for Music Aficionado

Source: www.flickr.com

Designed to impress the music fanatics, this greeting card is one of the most unique and creative ideas to wish your loved ones. It is printed on a plain white card stock with ribbon and a bit of hand work.

Laces & Eyelets

Source: www.4-designer.com

This Christmas tree, apparently made out with laces and eyelets is the mastery of a graphic designer. The placement of laces in the eyelets and the shading is done perfectly to create a truly unique Christmas greeting card.

Christmas Sock

Source: www.artatm.com

A Christmas sock hung for Santa to be filled-in with candies and other gifts. This card is eye-catching due to its perfect selection of colors and overall graphical designing.
Bits of Newspaper

Source: www.browzer.net

Bits of newspaper or an old book are being pasted on a plain cardboard stock to make it look like a distinctive and exclusive kind of Christmas tree.

Snowy Christmas

Source: www.cardsdirect.com

Christmas means the arrival of winter season therefore the card says it all. The painting has been done in a purely professional and flawless manner and has the potential to grab anybody’s attention.
Christmas Card for Business Clients

Source: www.creativeprintingpc.blogspot.com

A dentist sends out Christmas greetings to his clients in this unique way. The card is extremely elegant and striking. Any small or large organizations can also adopt the same method of advertisement on the Christmas day.

Christmas Tree Pencil

Source: www.designinterviews.com

A pencil is being carved to look like a Christmas tree. This is in fact a graphical effect being faultlessly portrayed by a pro graphic designer. Sometimes you don’t need to add up all the snowflakes, trees and landscapes; instead a simple pencil can say it all.

3D Christmas Card

Source: www.dreamstime.com

Snow covered trees and Christmas greetings are designed in a way that they appear three dimensional. It looks as if the trees and greeting are separate cut-outs of white card stock pasted upon the card.

Santa Claus Faces

Source: www.flickr.com

These cards are die-cut and folded in a way that they look like Santa’s face and cap. The folding is done to give it a unique and 100% pragmatic appearance.

Synchronization of a Family

Source: www.franklinfamilybegins.blogspot.com

This beautiful card is designed for the family greetings. The gorgeous combination of black & white photos on a colorful background gives out a great impact.

Greetings from the Toddlers

Source: www.innovativeimagesphotos.com

Extremely innocent and chubby toddlers wishing joy to the world on the wonderful Christmas day! The two guys are representing the McMillan family.

Handmade Greetings

Source: www.pinterest.com

Buttons and other stuff pasted on a plain green card stock provide a truly exclusive look. A greeting card which is handcrafted is always more valuable than a printed one.

Abstract Art

Source: www.tracyappsdesign.com

This highly engaging and elegant abstract Christmas card is ideal for the art lovers and admirers. The card is printed on a white cover card stock.

3D Crafted Greeting Card

Source:  www.ustamp4fun.com

The unique crafted greeting card provides a truly three dimensional effect when it is opened. It will help you surprise your loved ones.

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