10 Remarkably Inspiring Packaging Design Ideas

A packaging plays the role of backbone when it comes to your product sales. Having produced a top quality product is the first task however getting it marketed professionally and efficiently is the most important task. The first thing which appeals a potential customer towards the racks is your products’ packaging. If the packaging is not engaging enough, it will definitely fail to deliver and you will not be able to generate sufficient sales. In order to design a noticeable packaging, you need to put your creativity into action. You can also ask other people who are imaginative and intelligent enough, for ideas to design packaging that captivates the attention of targeted customers straight away. Here are some of the highly creative and eye catching packaging designs by various companies:
Sliced Fruit Juices

Source: www.lovelypackage.com

This packaging is designed to provide a real feeling of fresh juice to its prospective consumers. The sliced fruit is highly appealing and tempting for a fruit juice aficionado and will therefore compel them to buy these juices.

Kiwifruit Jelly Packaging

Source: www.coroflot.com

This remarkable packaging is particularly for people who greatly adore the kiwifruit. The packaging straightaway entices targeted customers since it is designed in a way that it is similar to a half sliced kiwi. Anybody who is in a mood of tasting kiwifruit will surely get attracted towards this flavored jelly packaging.

Champagne in Mini Fridge

Source: www.notcot.com

This unique and highly striking packaging was designed by the Veuve Clicquot which is one of the leading champagne houses of the world. The bottle comes packed in a mini fridge and is alluring for the prospective customers.
Chrysler Building Spaghettis

Source: www.sweet-station.com

This packaging is highly inspired by the Chrysler Building that lies on the Lexington Ave, New York, NY. The design is made by an Australian designer Alex Creamer. You can also get an inspiration from this highly imaginative design and create yours.
Floppy Diskette CD Packaging

Source: www.azltron.blogspot.com


This highly creative CD packaging comes with an inspiration from the past when 8 inches floppy diskettes were the only medium of temporary data storage. The magnetic disk has been removed and a compact disc is inserted to use it as a disk jacket. You can also use same idea for designing and printing of your card CD jackets.

High Grip Shoes

Source: www.adsoftheworld.com

This packaging box is designed to show the high grip of Reebok shoes for mountaineers and climbers. The shoes are fixed firmly to the packaging box cover to prove the grip-factor. This idea was highly appreciated by the customers.
Stylish Coca-Cola Bottles

Source: www.kipferhome.com

This is holiday packaging was designed by the coca cola company. The round shaped bottles give the impression of ornaments. These highly appealing bottles attracted millions of consumers and were sold like hot cakes.
Sports Shoe Boxes

Source: www.got-ads.blogspot.com

The world’s renowned Nike shoe company designed shoe boxes which were printed from inside as if they were a stadium. The boxes were also equipped with sound chips with recording of crowd going wild to give the customers, a 100% realistic experience.
Creative Juice Packaging

Source: www.ixiqi.com

This highly inventive fruit juice packaging was designed by a Japanese industrial designer named Naoto Fukasawa. The juice boxes were die cut and embossed in a way that their touch was just like a real fruit in the consumers’ hands.
MILK Packaging

Source: www.visualadvice.com

This milk packaging box was designed by Gabriel Lefebvre and Julien De Repentigny. The manufacturing of this packaging may appear complicated however it received a good deal of admiration from the consumer end.

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