10 Most Inspiring Vinyl Advertisements

Vinyl is one of the most prolific mediums of advertisement used around the world. Its unique feature is that it is digitally printed and can be as large as the size of a commercial building. The vinyl stock can be used in a number of ways depending on the budget and scope of your advertising campaign. Ever since the advent of vinyl printing, many small and large scale companies have made use of this highly constructive medium of marketing in their promotional campaigns. We have compiled some of the most innovative and imaginative vinyl advertisements seen in the past which include:
Pepsi Truck Advertisement

Source: www.toxel.com

A truck carrying pepsi cola bottles was made to look as if the crates were placed upside down. Artfully printed on a solid vinyl stock, this advertisement grabbed the attention of masses wherever it went.
IKEA Messy Bus Shelters

Source: www.ibelieveinadv.com

The world’s largest furniture retail company IKEA placed these vinyl sheets on the glass walls of bus shelters to show the objects in kitchen creating a real mess. The purpose was to tell people that IKEA can provide solutions to all the chaos in your kitchen.
IKEA Bus Stop

Source: www.toxel.com

The world’s largest furniture retail company IKEA placed a real sofa at the bus shelter in Istanbul, Turkey as a sample of their world class furniture products.
Heineken Beer Billboard

Source: www.recyclart.org

Placed in Amsterdam, Netherlands, this outdoor billboard made from solid vinyl banner stock was printed to promote the Heineken beer.
Coca-Cola Straw Advertisement

Source: www.flickr.com

The Coca-Cola Company placed this creative vinyl banner outside an apartment building. The straw looked as if somebody from an apartment window was taking a sip out of the bottle.
Mars Truck Advertisement

Source: www.flickr.com

This giant Mars chocolate advertisement on a truck was highly appreciated by public. The banner was designed and placed on the truck in a way that it appeared like a real giant chocolate placed within the truck.
Bus Vinyl Wrap

Source: www.blog.imagesmith.com

Perforated vinyl placed on a bus to look as if the giant anaconda has squeezed around and damaged the whole bus with its ultimate power.
Matchbox Advertisement

Source: www.adsoftheworld.com

This Matchbox Parking advertisement looks as if the giant hand is holding the cars which are parked over it.
McDonald’s Bus Stop Advertisement

Source: www.starcomip1.blogspot.com

There can be nothing better than imagining the mouthwatering McDonald’s food while waiting for the bus. This bus stand was converted into a McDonald’s counter to tempt people for 1,000 calorie burger and French fries.
Jobsintown Advertisement

Source: www.frederiksamuel.com

A popular German job search site ‘www.jobsintown.de’ placed this creative vinyl on the ATM machines across the cities of Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich with their slogan saying “Life is too short for the wrong job!”

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