10 Interesting Facts You Never Knew about Flyers


Since long, the flyers have remained a highly economical and output oriented advertising medium. These smart and low-cost advertising tools have remained the most preferred choice for small as well as large establishments around the world. If we get back into the history of flyers, we find several astonishing and interesting facts about them. In the Haight Street in San Francisco, you can find an abundance of flyers over the telephone poles since several years. There are many interesting facts you never knew about custom flyers however some of them are mentioned below for you:
The printing company which introduced flyers as an advertising medium for the first time was known as Thumbrack Bugle. This company was based in San Francisco, CA, United States.
The Edinburgh Fringe Festival which has been the largest ever art festival of the world is held each year in Scotland. The festival was first launched in 1947 and it has a tradition of handing over as much as a million flyers to people who walk along the Royal Mile.
During the American Revolutionary War, there has been a great role of flyers in winning the support against the Stamp Act.
According to a survey, most of the people like to receive flyers on Sundays, not on the weekdays.
Even in the twenty first century, an approximate of sixty people like receiving custom printed flyers instead of watching online advertisements.
As many as sixty five percent people prefer to be given flyers kept inside their subscribed newspapers.
A greater part of adults appreciate advertisements done with the help of printed flyers instead of any digital advertising medium and the glossy flyers are more popular than the regular ones.
Twenty nine percent of the flyers are said to generate sales leads, making custom flyers one of the most successful advertising tools.
Majority of the small as well as large businesses around the world prefer distributing flyers within the newspapers. A study shows that sixty four percent of them rely on newspaper flyer insert.
The flyers are usually printed on a standard paper stock however it can also be printed on a glossy text stock, as per requirements.

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